Just recorded episode two!

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I’m going to stay true to “two a month” and run another one next week, before we hit June. My guest was Nicole Farb of the venture-backed DIY marketplace Darby Smart. Darby is part of that tiny 3% of venture backed companies that have not only a female founder, but a female CEO. (Pando is too, as was our last guest’s company UrbanSitter.)

Nicole was introduced to me by the amazing mom/investor Kirsten Green, who will be a guest on the show in coming weeks! She’s also a friend of Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox who is coming on the show soon too!

One of the most interesting bits: Nicole went from teaching to investment banking to starting a company. We discussed the views of women and motherhood in each of those, and how her expectation of motherhood (with twins no less!) was so different than the reality. I know you’ll enjoy it, so stay tuned next week!

Thanks again for the support!

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