WOW! Goal #1 reached, thanks to you!

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Thanks in large part to a couple very generous recent donors, we’ve finally surged past our goal of $1,000 a show. That means we’ll start publishing shows weekly, starting next week. (Patrons will still only be charged for two shows a month; these are bonuses!)

We’ve got some exciting guests coming up!

I continue to talk to young women as I work on this project who breathe a sigh of relief when I tell them their uterus isn’t some ticking time bomb and that motherhood has made me– and many women I know– stronger in every way, not weaker. If you know a young woman mulling this major step who has been scared shitless by society, please send them this show!

Meantime, because Patreon wants me to keep aiming higher, I’ve set a new goal of $2,000 per show. If we hit that, we’ll add a fifth podcast a month: This one about entrepreneur dads.

I’ve been asked by plenty of people how dads will figure into my book, and I’m not totally sure yet to be honest. But one thing is clear: This project is about changing a lot of the negative pre-conceived notions of motherhood, and there are plenty of pre-conceived notions of fatherhood that also need to change.

So if you are one of the folks who feels like dads need to be a bigger part of this conversation, or are a new dad trying to figure it out for yourself, I hope you’ll consider pledging/ continue pledging/ or send this to a friend who might pledge.

Every week, I thank our largest patrons on the show, but truly I’m grateful to all of you– especially the ones who pledge $1 per show. While $24 a year may not sound like much, I know for a lot of us– especially parents!– it is.

Each $1 patron sends a strong message that this content is valuable and worthwhile. It not only means a lot to me and the mothers who come on the show, but it sends a signal to my publisher that there is an audience who cares enough to give any amount for this content to exist.

It also sends a message to the media, which all too often doesn’t feature these stories.

The most successful podcast by anyone in the Pando/NSFW family is the War Nerd’s (go here to contribute to that one too!)  and most of the patrons spend just $5 a show to support it.

Don’t get me wrong: Those of you spending $50/$100/$250 a show are a big reason this show is going weekly. It’s a huge endorsement and means a lot to me. But the broader the community supporting in and believing in working moms, the better.

Help us build this community! If you know someone who feels passionately about the topic– pass this podcast on!

And thanks again for your support.  In the current toxic political season combined with the bro culture of Silicon Valley, it’s so gratifying to be able to talk about something uplifting once a week.

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