So… my book is in, we’ve reached goal #2… now what?

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A little over a week ago, I filed my book about motherhood and entrepreneurship to Harper. And last Friday my editor wrote back to say she thought it was “strong.”
We are on our way! This book is incredibly personal and was an intense thing to write in the days when we don’t care about men who boast of sexual assault and think we become mere “hosts” when we get pregnant.
We’ve also reached my second Patreon goal. Woo hoo! I am now producing a monthly “daddy special” podcast to go with the badass moms editions. I think these could have a profound impact on lessening the stereotype that successful men in the Valley neglect their families.
Now that my book is in, I plan to post more here, and start a newsletter in my “spare time.” Stay tuned. And thanks everyone for your support. If you know a badass mom or an engaged dad, tell them about this site. Even $1/show helps support our mission!
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