By Sarah Lacy

In the fall of 2017, Harper Business will publish my book about motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Specifically the book is about how becoming a mother needn’t be a career setback. In fact, it can actually make you more successful at work and everywhere else in your life.

I wasn’t planning on writing another book anytime soon. But I felt compelled to write this one. I wish I’d known before having kids just how wrong society’s perception of motherhood is, and just how much of a life-changing and career changing advantage it would become. This is not a book that argues every woman needs to have children or every mother needs to work. But it is a book that argues being a mother will make you stronger at anything else you want to achieve. That being a mother is not a disability.

The book is also part memoir: The story of four years spent building Pando while growing my family and dealing with all the usual challenges of entrepreneurship (raising money, finding revenues, hiring a team) and a lot of very unusual ones (ousted board members, over $300m in legal threats, taking on some of the most powerful companies on the planet)… and one that was utterly horrifying: A $1m proposed plot by Uber to “go after” my family.

As part of the research for the book, I’ll be interviewing dozens of women about how becoming a mother has made them stronger. Inevitably I’m going to end up with a lot more material than I can possibly fit into the book, and so I’ve decided to create a podcast. Each episode will feature an interview with a different woman (and the occasional man) about parenting, entrepreneurship and where the two overlap.

Every episode will be available to stream/download right here for free. But this is an entirely separate project from Pando, and I’m producing it entirely myself. For that reason I’ve decided to use Patreon to help cover the costs of production, and also hopefully leave a little extra to help cover some of the additional costs of writing the book (Harper is very kindly paying me an advance for the book, but I don’t get the bulk of it until after I deliver the manuscript.)

For starters, I’ll be producing one episode every two weeks. Backers will be charged for a maximum of two shows a month. But if the Patreon exceeds $1000 per episode I’ll move the show to weekly. (Backers will still only be charged for the maximum two shows a month — the extra two will be freebies!)

Thank you so much for your support! I hope you enjoy the show!


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