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I just published an in depth profile for Pando on one of the most successful and yet unheard of female VCs in the business: Ann Miura-Ko.

She was having children amid finishing her PhD, launching a new fund, and doing her first investments– and was confined to bedrest. Her partner, Mike Maples, describes how all working moms are essentially James Bond; ie the develop an ability to just summon up skills at will no matter how chaotic the situation is.

At the end of the piece Ann puts it in terms any mom can relate to: “I was out with my kids recently and one of them got sick. I literally had to catch his vomit in my hand. That’s how we have to roll.”

I will have Ann as a future podcast guest– I promise. As a reminder, we are 60% towards our goal of this becoming a weekly show. If you know a friend who may want to support the project, please share! Our next podcast with Jessica Herrin is phenomenal.

I’m going to stay true to “two a month” and run another one next week, before we hit June. My guest was Nicole Farb of the venture-backed DIY marketplace Darby Smart. Darby is part of that tiny 3% of venture backed companies that have not only a female founder, but a female CEO. (Pando is too, as was our last guest’s company UrbanSitter.)

Nicole was introduced to me by the amazing mom/investor Kirsten Green, who will be a guest on the show in coming weeks! She’s also a friend of Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox who is coming on the show soon too!

One of the most interesting bits: Nicole went from teaching to investment banking to starting a company. We discussed the views of women and motherhood in each of those, and how her expectation of motherhood (with twins no less!) was so different than the reality. I know you’ll enjoy it, so stay tuned next week!

Thanks again for the support!

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